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todo for the weekend

there are a lot of odd jobs left to deal with for the weekend.
feel free to volunteer for jobs by putting your name behind jobs.

food for 40 people (breakfast, lunch, coffee)
needs to be bought, prepared, cleaned up

- buying: estimated money needed: 40*40*4=6400NOK
	(this will be refunded or available up front, of course.
	talk to )
  shoppinglist and car would help
  - bread
  - margarine
  - milk
  - coffee
  - coffee filters?
  - tea bags
  - sugar
  - several different spreads (fish, sallad, salami, cheese)
  - cuecumbers
  - tomatoes
  - cookies
  - diskwasher tabs
- preparing/cleaning up:
  people (two for the better entertainment) should prepare the
  small meals. this could consist of 
  - slice bread, salami, tomatos, cuecumbers...
  - open cans, 
  - cook coffee, 
  - clean the tables before the event
  - put out cups, plates, silverware
  - empty garbage
  - ...
- cleaning up (done together, too)
  - collect plates, forks, dead bodies from under the tables
  - empty garbage
  - fill disk washer, start it, empty it, repeat until done
  - clean tables
  - put food away so it wont dry out of gets bad

we need to reserve tables SOON! (pere coordinates this, i guess)

CLEANUP of Ulstrud
who can fill in here what needs to be done? finnarne, markus?

i might well have forgotten smaller or bigger tasks, add them at
your leasure.

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