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Re: Translators, please translate one sting in wlus

On Wednesday 26 January 2005 23:52, Andreas Schuldei wrote:
> i just checked in a sting change which rewords a string to no
> longer asking people to run smbpasswd -w in a certain situation.
> that does not fix the real bug, but that cant be fixed properly,
> it seems. i would like to upload a new version of wlus once a
> reasonable number of translations has caught up.
> And could someone please remind me what the command was i needed
> to run to make those .po files effective for webmin modules?

webmin2po-update  (basically you use the commands you would to update 
debconf translations, but replace debconf with webmin :)

NOTE: you need to install po-webmin package (source is in cvs on developer, 
a build package is available from my homedir on developer)
cobaco (aka Bart Cornelis):
    Coördinator Belgisch Skolelinux team
    Coördinator Nederlandse Skolelinux vertaling

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