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Re: Alioth will be down during the upcomming weekend

[Joey Hess]
> Yes, this is completly doable.

Good.  Lets do it.

> I'm going to ask the alioth admins today to set up a subversion
> repository for debian-edu. I won't begin any conversion until there
> has been a general agreement and some warning for committers, so
> probably not until the dev meeting.

As far as I can see, only the debian-edu* packages (and
xdebconfigurator), but very few people have been commiting to those
packages in the past.  Probably less than 10.  I say we just convert
the repository to svn, and leave the cvs repository read-only for a

As we are going to work on the Sarge edition this weekend, I really do
not want to be without the alioth repository.

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