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Re: Alioth will be down during the upcomming weekend

Finn-Arne Johansen wrote:
> As already announced on debian-devel-announce@l.d.o, alioth will be down 
> during the upcomming weekend. Does anyone have som good advice on how to 
> work around this. I know our translators had some nice script to work in 
> an off-site repository. but I dont know ...

Well first of all, it doesn't affect the skolelinux repository in
cvs.skolelinux.no, since that is hosted on developer. It does affect
debian-edu's repository however.

There was some discussion on irc yesterday about using this downtime as
an opportunity to convert the debian-edu repository from cvs to
subversion. Since the subversion server for alioth is hosted on a
machine in the Netherlands, it will not be subject to the downtime, so
the new subversion repository would be available for the developer

We could also take the opportunity to switch to using a hostname that we
control for the debian-edu repository, so if we had to temporarily
relocate it, or move it off of alioth later for any reason we could do
so easily. The third benefit of course is that one of the last three
projects I'm involved in that don't use svn would convert to svn. ;-)

I've coordinated many such conversions before and would be happy to do
this one too. Of course it would require all debian-edu translators and
developers to install subversion, plus you would need to have any
pending changes committed before the switch, and check out a new working
copy from the subversion repository. We would also have to update cvs
hook scripts to work with subversion, update any documentation that
refers to using cvs to access the repository, and also update build
scripts that contain embedded cvs commands.

see shy jo

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