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Re: Alioth will be down during the upcomming weekend

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On 26-01-2005 20:45, Joey Hess wrote:
> There was some discussion on irc yesterday about using this downtime as
> an opportunity to convert the debian-edu repository from cvs to
> subversion. Since the subversion server for alioth is hosted on a
> machine in the Netherlands, it will not be subject to the downtime, so
> the new subversion repository would be available for the developer
> meeting.
> plus you would need to have any
> pending changes committed before the switch,

Wouldn't it be possible to keep the old archive around read-only for a
limited time (except for the downtime this weekend, off course), so that
unfulfilled commits was not completely lost. I believe (but have not
tested) that it is possible to generate a cvs diff against a read-only

The reason I suggest this is to both make the switch doable and at the
same time respect developers not checking mail the next couple of days.

 - Jonas

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