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Re: Yes, I will participate in the developer gathering 29.01.05

Am Mittwoch, 26. Januar 2005 15:20 schrieb Kristiansen Stein:
> Since our intranet
> will be a part of the Skolelinux-system in Kongsvinger, we were
> wondering if you were
> intereseted in making our system a part of you're project. We are
> using Java technology (JSP/
> Servlets), and we were thinking of using the Struts framework.

Hello Kristiansen

sounds interesting. Could you elaborate on what kinds of tasks your 
servlets serve? Is it some adminstrative purposes like storing 
students' names or schedules - or even grades maybe? Or is it some 
educational stuff like courses, exercises or even exams?

Can we watch it anyway somewhere (or at least download?)


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