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Yes, I will participate in the developer gathering 29.01.05

Our names:                                 Kim Egil Haug
                                                 Stein Kristiansen
Travel expenses:                         none

We are two students from HIO who are doing our last year project. We have been in contact with Kongsvinger Kommune and they have given us the assignment of making an intranet for the schools in Kongsvinger. They are a part of the Skolelnux-project. Since our intranet will be a part of the Skolelinux-system in Kongsvinger, we were wondering if you were intereseted in making our system a part of you're project. We are using Java technology (JSP/ Servlets), and we were thinking of using the Struts framework. Would there be any problems conserning licenses, and what web-server would you recommend? We are familiar with Tomcat. We have the possibility to attend the gathering on saturday 29.01.05, if that would be necessary?

Best regards
Kim Egil Haug
Stein Kristiansen

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