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UTF-8 in Debian-Edu

Old reference, but typical..

tir, 16,.11.2004 kl. 09.33 +0100, skrev Andreas Schuldei:
> On Mon, Nov 15, 2004 at 11:13:40PM +0100, Ralf Gesel|ensetter wrote:
> > Am Montag, 15. November 2004 22:45 schrieb Petter Reinholdtsen:
> > > OK.  Moved into the woody APT source.  Do you have time to update the
> > > release notes with some info on the changes?
> > First impressions: Not too many changes at first sight, green text 
> > partly in English with German locale, Umlauts are rendered correctly if 
> > I manually set my browser to Western European ISO-...-1 or -15.
> dont do that, it uses utf-8

I hope the debian people could just one day step forward, and start
using utf-8 all globally. Basic integration issues should be over by
now, and it'd make multilangual environments *so* much easier.

I've been working in Eritrea lately, we're implementing Skolelinux
Eritreans have nine official languages, all treated equally. 
One is Arabic, using arabic script of course.
Two, Tigre and Tigrinya, uses an ancient script called Geez. Normal
western left-to-right, but the hundred-something letters look nothing
like Latin.
The rest uses the latin alphabet.
And of course, the official language in school, senior and up, is
English. That doesn't stop them from wanting to use their own languages
from time to time.

Thing is, they'll be wanting to switch languages from time to time.
And even when using English desktop settings, they'll want be able to
read their own scripts.
That means, they'll want to use characters only defined en UTF-8, even
when working in an English environment.
They need to be able to use UTF-8 all over.

Same thing apply to minority languages like Sami, I guess.
They can use localized characters, but if they want to switch their
desktop to Norwegian Bokmål, for example, their Sami writings will look
like gibberish.

So.. something needs to be done. 

Anyone knows someone skilled in Tigrinya and/or Tigre, by the by?
I want to see to that keymaps are properly defined. Before Sarge goes
stable, at the very least.
They *do* have a standard. 
(I also have an example implementation, UniGeez, redefining keyboard
definitions for smaller programs in MSwndows. Should be possible to drag
out a keyboard definition from this, if needed. (GPL-ed, so we can pull
it apart.))


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