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Re: Moodle versus Classfronter

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On 19-01-2005 11:59, Thor Hauknes wrote:
> Hello
> I am an Ict-teacher at a norwegian School.
> We want to start using a LMS-system on the web. One of the systems we are 
> looking at, is the open source project Moodle.
> My question is; can any of you tell me the difference between Moodle and 
> other similar systems, for instance Classfronter.
> Classfronter is big in the norwegian market and is our commercial alternative.
> I hope I'll get some response to this post soon; we have to make a decision 
> very soon.

I believe Classfronter is closed-source.

I also seem to remember comments on the norwegian Skolelinux-list about
non-conforming html at some point. That is probably fixed by now (after
being pointed out by Skolelinux developers, if I remember correctly),
but still indicate the kind of trouble you could run into with non-free
software: You can't fix errors, and can't pay others to fix them - you
need to sit back and wait until the problem gets a high enough priority
for the company to fix.

Sorry - I have no in-depth knowledge of any learning management systems,
which I understand was your actual request here :-(

 - Jonas

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