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Re: UTF-8 in Debian-Edu

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On 19-01-2005 12:50, Harald Thingelstad wrote:

> I hope the debian people could just one day step forward, and start
> using utf-8 all globally. Basic integration issues should be over by
> now, and it'd make multilangual environments *so* much easier.

Debian wants to support freedom of choice between UTF-8 and older
encodings - for as long as it makes sense. That is an approach similar
to that of supporting several different versions of a library concurrently.

Example: Perl 5.6 in current official stable release of Debian do not
support Unicode properly.

UTF-8 is the encoding of the future, but too many places of Debian do
not yet support UTF-8.

As an example, it is currently mandatatory for Debian developers to
encode package changelogs and menu items as UTF-8. But it will still be
some time before enough of the 10.000 packages have conformed to this
for it to be relied upon.

 - Jonas

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