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Re: eZ publish: How to setup a Multilingual Site

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On 17-01-2005 13:23, Herman Robak wrote:
> Summary three-liner:
> There has been some debate at the Norwegian Skolelinux list
> about the choice of a content management system.  Should we
> stick with Plone, or migrate to eZ Publish?
> On Mon, 2005-01-17 at 13:01, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
>>Ja, jeg har kommentarer til denne debat - flyt debatten (og ikke blot
>>resultatet af den!!!) til debian-edu hvor indlæg får bedst muligt
>>modspil og kritik, så deltager jeg gerne.
>  ("Yes I have comments to this debate - move the debate (and not just
> the result of it!) to debian-edu, where postings receive the best
> possible counter-arguments and critique, and I will be happy to
> participate")
>  I am sure that the participants on the Norwegian mailing list
> will provide some more of the background for the discussion.

Interesting balance between summary and translation of my meta-comment.

Thanks for moving it here, though.

 - Jonas

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