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Re: Thin Clients: No Boot Device (SOLVED)

Am Donnerstag, 11. November 2004 16:46 schrieb Ralf Gesel|ensetter:
> sometimes I have thin clients that just won't boot up from LAN
> (Mini-ITX). In such cases, the device seems to be quite stubborn,
> turning off/on doesn't help.

Hi there, today I invested some time in bug fixing. It must be stressed: 
bugs I had created myself - or (as described): hardware bugs:

In the depth of our Mini-ITX clients, by comparing a starting with a 
non-starting one, I detected an option: enable LAN boot prom (or sim.)
This had been disabled (it is disabled with default settings!)

Enabling it, gave me a different picture: "Press ESC for boot menu" was 
a new message - but then again boot failure. The answer is: You must 
press ESC once to initialize the Bootprom if to consult boot settings 
(this is what I primarily relied on) or do something else. Once you 
give the right answer here, your client will boot and boot and boot ...

BUT: as we cannot shut them down (this would put the ltspserver to halt) 
and for other reasons, we totally switch off power supply. Assuming 
some BIOS battery being low, reset bios settings might leed to boot 
failure. Additionally, sabotage could be in question (unless all bioses 
are password secured).


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