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Re: [runo@infostream.no: Re: User Administration]

* Runo Forrisdahl (runo@infostream.no) [041111 16:27]:
> | I've empowered an ldapuser in slapd.conf with admin rights. With an
> | ldapbrowser I can modify and create entries. If I take this user down the
> | webmin->wlus path I cannot do anything but give him/her self a new password
> | - if he/she can remeber his old. Is this a bug or a feature in wlus?

it is a miss-feature. when i noticed that the acl route would not
work i slacked and checked for "root" instead for group

look at the check_authorisation() function and make smarter.
actually you can see how to do it in the is_silly() function.

those two functions should be merged, i assume.

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