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Re: etherboot startup from lilo, and hdparm for spinning down disk.

Am Donnerstag, 11. November 2004 09:42 schrieb Torstein Dybdahl:
> Hi
> I have put together a somewhat usable solution for installing and
> setting up etherboot starting from a harddisk.

Hi there, thank you very much, epecially were people want to test 
skolelinux without additional aquirations - or can't spend more, this 
way is brilliant. Especially for DLink-530TX there are so many 
revisions that by bad luck you might order the wrong Eprom.

Rom-O-Matic makes it quite easy, though, to create a boot disk - and I 
believe there is a documetations somewhere on how to installing this 
boot disk onto MBR by using lilo.

It shouldn't be a big thing to extend the howto on how to keep an 
existing local installation (dos?) and making lilo the boot selector 
(etherboot or local system). 


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