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Re: Proposed stable update: xdebconfigurator (1.08 -> 1.12)

[Petter Reinholdtsen]
> I would like to propose to update xdebconfigurator on the woody CD
> from v1.08 to 1.12.

Cancel this.  1.12 can not be used before bug #277990 is fixed:

> A possible problem is the added dependency on xserver-xfree86, as
> xdebconfigurator is listed as a dependency for education-common, and
> thus installed for all profiles.  I see two possible workarounds,
> (1) drop xdebconfigurator from education-common and (2) drop the
> dependency on xserver-xfree86 and use debconf preseeding technic
> instead.

We do not want to install xserver-xfree86 on when the main-server
profile is installed.  All versions from 1.09 have this problem.

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