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etherboot startup from lilo, and hdparm for spinning down disk.

I have put together a somewhat usable solution for installing and setting up etherboot starting from a harddisk.

tomsrtbt, lilo binary, some shell scripting
i am able to install etherboot onto a harddisk making a ltsp-klient start from the harddisk.

After adding hdparm to /opt/ltsp/i386/sbin
i am also able to turn the harddisk off.

I have made a small howto available on

Have not made the howto for lilo install in english.

I have found this very smart, saving money on ethernetcards, my school is on a very tight budget.

With this solution we can use the cheap rtl8139 networkcards in ltspclients with harddisk.

If someone finds this interesting or have some other opinion, please tell me.

PS. I will try to transelate the lilo howto if someone wants to.


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