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Re: lessdisks: client with only 20MB ram

> It has been said several times on this (and/or the norwegian) list that
> LTSP clients must be 32+ MB or use network swapping.
> On this machine with (according to free) only 20 MB ram, in addition to
> XFree86 I run esd, mc and sshd on the box. 

in my experience using lessdisks as a thin-client with a woody rootfs, i
was able to run X at a resolution & depth of 1024x768@16 on using 24MB
of ram using KDM (or sdm, which has an ssh client running, too) and XFS
for fonts.  folks who had really graphics-intensive wallpaper desktops
and/or running KDE (again, on woody), would occasionally cause the X
server die (linux kills whatever process last requested more memory than
was available).

at 32MB of ram (and using sdm), this happened infrequently, but every
couple of weeks i'd see it happen to someone (who knows how often it
happened where i didn't see it).

in most cases, the problem would go away almost completely if people
merely changed their desktop to use a single color instead of some large
graphic wallpaper. the number of colors used seemed to be the biggest
factor in how much memory was required by the X server.

freegeek now typically has enough ram to put 64MB in everything, and i
haven't seen X crash much at all (i also haven't been around much,
though).  so it's hard for me to say what the minimum requirements are
for a sarge based system (the core OS and XFree86 seems to take a little
more ram with sarge, from my observations).

reducing the resolution to 800x600 didn't make too much of a difference,
and i haven't tried 24-bit color at all, but i imagine that would
require considerably more ram.

live well,

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