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next Working Weekend at the german Skolelinux testcenter: 19th to 21st of November

Dear Skoletuxe, Debianer and other interessted people,

the next working weekend at the german testzentrum in Gütersloh will
take place from the 19th to the 21st of November.

Beside the usual hacking, having fun, and learn from each other, we will
try to focus on the following points:

- Howto create a Live CD out of a Skolelinux Installation?
  - Wolfgang Rohrmoser (Darmstadt) prepared some scripts for that.

- Howto use NX with Skolelinux?
  - Fabian Franz (Karlsruhe) prepared a script for that.

As said:  Beside that, you'll have of course the oportunity to work on
Skolelinux or Debian, so every friend of Debian or Debian Developer
should feel invited.

Interested people are requested to add themself to the Wiki and please
don't forget your sleeping bag, sleeping pad and good mood.


You can find (german) directions here:

Yours sincerely,

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