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lessdisks: client with only 20MB ram

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By accident I configured a diskless machine with only 20MB ram. It has
been running fine for weeks, and I found out when I plugged in a USB
device and the music streamed to the box clicked (because the kernel
desperately tried to kill processes to make room).

It has been said several times on this (and/or the norwegian) list that
LTSP clients must be 32+ MB or use network swapping.

On this machine with (according to free) only 20 MB ram, in addition to
XFree86 I run esd, mc and sshd on the box. This also means I have access
to manipulate it: Tell me what to test - which applications executed on
a truly thin client that are expected to eat memory on the client.

I suspect LTSP ram requirements might be caused by memory leaks in X11
font handling code or similar, which might not be an issue when using
the X11 binaries thoroughly patched and packaged for Debian (as is the
case when using lessdisks instead of LTSP).

 - Jonas

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