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Re: Workstation Maintainance?


I hope I haven't misunderstood lessdisks.  If I have, could someone please
dispel my delusions.

On Mon, 01 Nov 2004, Ralf Gesel|ensetter wrote:

> Well, we will carry on MS Windows as 2nd Boot System in one of our Labs, 
> I am afraid.  Therefore we will use full Workstations that are in the
> 10.x-Net. 

As I understand it, you can use the Skolelinux samba domain from within the
192.168 thin client networks.  I seem to recall a chat with Klaus-Ade when
he said you would need to set the WINS server explicitly (to, I
presume).  I'm not so sure about net access.  Depending on what you need
(VoIP, etc) this may be a stumbling block alright.  Forwarding squid into a
thin client network (if it's not already done) would be quite simple.

> additionally it would be a waste of ressources to run some modern
> machines as TC.

If all the apps are running and sitting in RAM on the local machine then
the lessdisks server need only provide the disk access which isn't so bad
(particularly is it's a SCSI disk).  You still make use of the local RAM
and cpu power.  Sort of like Knoppix only you get the system from the
network instead of the CDROM.

I guess the machines would need a good quantity of RAM so as to minimise
swapping over the network, but you're talking about fairly new machines,


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