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Re: Workstation Maintainance?


On Mon, 01 Nov 2004, Ralf Gesel|ensetter wrote:

> [possible improvements for maintaining skolelinux work stations]

> At the moment I hesitate installing an entire lab with slx workstations 
> - not (only) because of woody, but rather because of its maintainance.

What is your rationale for using workstations instead of thin clients?
Local hardware (sound, floppy, usb,...) access?  Performance?  Lack of
power on server?

> As write access should mainly go to NFS mounted home directory, isn't it 
> possible to mount local drives (except swap) r/o ? This could save 
> forced fsck after crude power offs - and prolongue the system' live 
> until re-install, too (easily done from CD if there is no dual boot 
> solution)
> To have a better syncing: how about mounting /etc/apt if not /etc from 
> tjener:/skole/workstation/etc or the like? Alternatively some "pull" 
> script could load recent stuff from some space on tjener (rsync or 
> fai?)

Would the lessdisks approach which is in development not solve these issues
more effectively?  As I understand it (corrections most welcome) the entire
OS comes over the network *but* in contrast to the thin clients, all apps
run locally instead of remotely over X.  This should give you local
hardware access and local performance for stuff like video apps.  It should
also lift CPU/RAM load off the server.  If there is no permanent local
install, maintenance of the individual machines should be pretty minimal.


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