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Re: Workstation Maintainance?

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On 01-11-2004 13:31, Gavin McCullagh wrote:

> Would the lessdisks approach which is in development not solve these issues
> more effectively?  As I understand it (corrections most welcome) the entire
> OS comes over the network *but* in contrast to the thin clients, all apps
> run locally instead of remotely over X.

Sounds like you are wrong about lessdisks:

Lessdisks is a framework for distributed diskless systems. As such, it
_can_ be configured to run all apps locally, or it can execute X11 apps
remotely (insecurely as LTSP3 or SSH-encrypted), or run VNC, or run NX,

The default setup (and also the most tested AFAIK) is running all X11
apps remotely, similar to LTSP3 but SSH-encrypted.

If LTSP can be setup exactly like you need it then that is the easiest
to use. But I believe it is easier to customize lessdisks than LTSP,
because everything is Debian (the client filesystem is simply a chroot
on the server).

 - Jonas
Debian maintainer of lessdisks

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