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Re: Workstation Maintainance?

Hi Gavin ;)

Am Montag, 1. November 2004 13:31 schrieb Gavin McCullagh:
> What is your rationale for using workstations instead of thin
> clients? Local hardware (sound, floppy, usb,...) access?
>  Performance?  Lack of power on server?

Well, we will carry on MS Windows as 2nd Boot System in one of our Labs, 
I am afraid. Therefore we will use full Workstations that are in the 
10.x-Net. This disallows booting Linux from some LTSP Server, 
additionally it would be a waste of ressources to run some modern 
machines as TC.

About the "lesser disk" profile I never heard in a skolelinux context. I 
heard of schools who run a thick client from tftp as the latter 
versions of knoppix offer as "terminalserver". Don't know how to 
implement that on tjener (who is the DHCP server for the clients in 

Clarifications welcome

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