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Re: Thank you

On Mon, 1 Nov 2004, Ralf Gesel|ensetter wrote:

neutral plural form "Schüler"

there had been a strong arguement on deb-l10n-de for this. personally, I
also tend to rather omit females
I do not want to "omit" females - I just want to keep my mother tongue
clean from rubish like that.  Once the first women got a better job
*because* people used this "-innen" nonsense I'll think about it.

anyway, concerning the public
sector, there has been some adaption in language that marks that us a
there are women as well in active politcs.
Using a generic gender is like language works.  I wished people on deb-l10n-de
would understand this.

the corresponding thread had several 100 postings, I don't want to have
such thread right here.
You can be assured (and all people who posted to the thread you mentioned
above - probably mostly men as usual) that I will not spend my time with
this funy stuff - I'll prefer to save this time to talk nicely to my wife.
For interested people I have stored a log from a very interesting discussion
about nearly 10 years ago on tex-d-l list ... :)

Kind regards



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