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Re: Workstation Maintainance?

[Ralf Gesel|ensetter]
> As write access should mainly go to NFS mounted home directory, isn't it 
> possible to mount local drives (except swap) r/o ? This could save 
> forced fsck after crude power offs - and prolongue the system' live 
> until re-install, too (easily done from CD if there is no dual boot 
> solution)

I suspect everything except /var/ and /tmp/ can be read-only.  To
avoid writing to /var/, some configuration changes are needed.

But yes, you idea should work.

Making knoppix-like live CDs with the workstation profile should work
as well, if the files fit on a compressed CD.

> To have a better syncing: how about mounting /etc/apt if not /etc
> from tjener:/skole/workstation/etc or the like? Alternatively some
> "pull" script could load recent stuff from some space on tjener
> (rsync or fai?)

The plan is to use cfengine for this, by setting up a pull mechanism
to pull in cfengine rules from the main server.  This system is not
written yet.

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