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Re: FAI (Was: Re: Lessdisks, LTSP, workstations, ...)

On Wed, Nov 03, 2004 at 11:29:21AM +0100, Olaf Ronneberger wrote:
> The new system, we are testing now, is to use FAI only for the very 
> basic things (partioning of hard disks, detecting the hardware and 
> setting up a minimal system) and after that do the rest with updates via 
> cfengine. So installing a new package is just editining one cfengine 
> config file and run it.

That is what have I mind for a long time.
It seperates install and maintaince.

For the basic things I use debian-installer.
Meanwhile d-i can do unintented installs.
To scale it up, I'm working on http://www.stappers.nl/gst/diM/

Geert Stappers

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