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Re: Map of schools in Germany ready (Was: Suggestion: Feedback Query Form)

Am Samstag, 30. Oktober 2004 22:20 schrieb Petter Reinholdtsen:
> Looks good.  I added a german map as well.
> <URL:http://www.skolelinux.no/testskoler/map/skolelinux-germany.png>.

Hi, don't get me wrong: I know, you are already doing many jobs, so you 
might take it for brainstorming rather than a wish:

how about changing the markers from red dots into small skoletuxes (our 
mascot)? Or we have different colors for different states:
- yellow: preparing for migration
- red: schools running linux
- skoletux: schools running skolelinux :)

Just a thought

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