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Re: Q/Hint: ldap-account-manager

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Hi Andreas,

Andreas Schuldei schrieb:
| On Fri, Oct 29, 2004 at 02:44:26AM +0200, Ralf Gesel|ensetter wrote:
|>yesterday, some fair visitor (actually: some students who built their
|>own debian based school system) pointed me to this package that must
|>have some features in common with wlus. Didn't check it any further
|>yet, possibly it's not available for woody. Just wondering if anyone of
|>you knows about its intersection with wlus?
| yes, does anyone know?
| i looked at the feature list in the readme and it seems to do
| pretty much the same as webmin-ldap-user-simple.

I looked at the screenshots and did not see Samba options. This is
probably one big difference to LAM which can manage Samba 2 and 3.
The LAM project was started to manage Samba accounts and therefore we
have a historical relation to the Samba project.

We are currently working on a plugin based architecture of LAM. This
will allow managing far more account types (e.g. several mail plugins
are planned). Maybe you take a look at the CVS version.
A first alpha version should be available in november.

| it does it in a
| slighly different context, though: it is written in php and it is
| apache based. php is frequently frowned upon because of its
| crappy internal structure and development style.

I developed Perl applications, too. PHP is not really more crappy than
Perl, both languages are very similar and both have their advantages. :)

If you answer to this message, please CC me as I am not on the
debian-edu list.


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