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Q/Hint: ldap-account-manager

Hi there,

yesterday, some fair visitor (actually: some students who built their 
own debian based school system) pointed me to this package that must 
have some features in common with wlus. Didn't check it any further 
yet, possibly it's not available for woody. Just wondering if anyone of 
you knows about its intersection with wlus?


Package: ldap-account-manager
Priority: extra
Section: web
Installed-Size: 2208
Maintainer: Roland Gruber <post@rolandgruber.de>
Architecture: all
Version: 0.4.6-2
Depends: php4 | php4-cgi | libapache2-mod-php4, php4-ldap, apache | 
apache-ssl | httpd, perl, wwwconfig-common, debconf
Recommends: php4-mhash
Suggests: ldap-server, sudo, php4-mcrypt
Conflicts: php4-apc
Size: 406002
MD5sum: 03bb45d124c8783415631f884c97692e
Description: Webfrontend for managing Unix and Samba accounts in a LDAP 
 LDAP Account Manager (LAM) runs on an existing webserver. LAM
 supports LDAP connections via SSL and TLS. It uses the
 Samba 2.x or Samba 3 schema and manages user, group and host
 accounts. You can use templates for account creation and use
 multiple configuration profiles. Account information can be
 exported as PDF file. There is also a script
 included which manages quota and homedirectories, you have to
 setup sudo if you want to use it. LAM is translated to
 English, French, German, Hungarian and Japanese.
 Homepage: http://lam.sourceforge.net/

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