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Using Skolelinux at PTC and TPOSSCON in 2005

For the last 24 years, the Pacific Telecommunications Council


has held its annual conference in Hawaii


This year they will be using Linux for their Internet Cafe, and we will
be setting it up for them using thin clients.  I am writing this list
for several reasons:

1. I want to get a sense of whether the Sarge based version will be
ready enough by then and if we can help to make it so.

2. I want to know if anyone would like to join us in manning the 30 or
40 computers and in explaining how Skolelinux/Debian can be used in the
various countries that will be present.

3. I want to know if any of you are interested in presenting your
education case studies or experiences at TPOSSCON


The PTC event attracts a very influential audience.  We are doing this
for PTC for the same amount we charge the shools and non-profits we
donate computers to, 0.  We will in return get Sponsorship status, and
this has enabled us to submit a blurb to be printed in the 35,000
Conference booklets to be mailed to their members.  I mentioned
Skolelinux in this submission:


The Hawaii Open Source Education Foundation is a charitable non-profit
with a mission to promote and sustain the use of Open Source Software.
By donating Linux computer labs to schools and non-profits, HOSEF
promotes vendor-neutral, standards-compliant computer literacy
education.  Advocating thin client deployments, HOSEF demonstrates the
value of previously discarded computers when harnessed in a terminal
server environment and powered by software like the LTSP, Skolelinux,
and the K12LTSP.  Having created an educational foundation for Open
Source competency, HOSEF facilitates economic development and academic
innovation.  Issues of security, sovereignty, self-reliance, and
sustainability are adequately addressed with Open Source Software, and
HOSEF endeavors to make this case.

I hope that we can enlist your interest and support as we responsibly
demonstrate FOSS at these events.  Like many open source software
projects, HOSEF is volunteer driven and supported.  Without funding and
sponsors, we are a project focused LUG in action.  Please join us in
Hawaii if you can this January.  We want more of the world to know about
Skolelinux and Debian.


oh, we have had some press recently






R. Scott Belford
The Hawaii Open Source Education Foundation
P.O. Box 392
Kailua, HI 96734
808.689.6518 phone/fax

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