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Re: preconfiguration on the user side and its maintenance

Am Freitag, 8. Oktober 2004 19:20 schrieb C. Gatzemeier:
> I guess a central location is easier to maintain and update than
> copying templates. So maybe both where possible? Use /etc/skell to
> distribute symlinks to a central enhanced template under /etc ?

I tried this with some readme file. It turned out (of course), that it 
is not trivial to links such file:

you can access .../home0/$USER on tjener, but the local /etc is not seen 
from thin clients (or workstations). Putting a copy of the target onto 
the ltsp server [and all workstations] is a solution, but you have to 
create the link from tjener as you cannot access .../home0 as local 
user on ltsp server. 

I suppose the most forward way was to create some "default" user 
directory in .../home0 itself as this is the only way to have a path 
that can be reached by ordinary users from every machine.


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