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Re: preconfiguration on the user side and its maintenance

I don't have the answer. The question though did also strike me and I did add 
related Ideas I could find on the net on 
(in german)

Am Thursday 07 October 2004 16:06 schrieb Patrick Willam:
> Answers to questions like the following have to be found:
>   o  Where should this template directory lie?
>   o  Do we go with an extra directory at all
>      or just put 'template enhanced'* files in skel [too]?
>      *) with "${USER}" and other 'variables' in it

I guess a central location is easier to maintain and update than copying 
templates. So maybe both where possible? Use /etc/skell to distribute 
symlinks to a central enhanced template under /etc ?

>   o  Do we -- or at least some of us -- want different preconfiguration
>      for different user-/ "authority"-/ whatever-groups?

The page mentioned suggests customized settings 
like /etc/groupdefaults/<group>/ and different /etc/skell.<group> directorys 
that distribute only symlinks to the corresponding groupdefaults.

>   o  Does that mean different templates? ...different template-dirs.?
>   o  Do we need some kind of cascading/class system for this?
> ....And is "adduser.local" the right place (read: hook) at all?:
>   o  How to make sure not only new-created users have all the necessary
>      preconfiguration in their $HOMEs?


>   o  Better use the regarding template(s) for all(?!) users when a
>      program is installed?

Hmm, could you please rephrase? I don't seem to get what you meant here.

>   o  What about [often wanted] resetting user settings to some kind of
>      system default settings when users have 'played' to much with their
>      personal program-/desktop-configuration;
>      preferably by only resetting the respective settings and not just
>      wiping away $HOME and recreate it from scratch?
>   o  What about spreading changes when the templates change?
>       +  ...changes necessary for new versions of a program/package?
>       +  ...changes made by our own? --> xxx.local systematics?
>   o  Make up a system like the cron-driven maintenance of /etc-files by
>      cfengine also for /skole/tjener/home0 or even all $HOMEs?


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