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configuration of postoffice / kmail?

Hi there,

to teach pupils setting up and using mail clients like mozilla's mail composer 
or kmail, it is important to have some local mail server running that does 
smtp/pop3 and maybe imap, too. 

After some requests on the German lists I checked this out: /etc/kde2/kmailrc 
is not preconfigured. But even setting up one or another mail client to use 
tjener/postoffice/ as mail client manually, didn't work:

I was able to _post_ messages via smtp, but checking my mailbox with pop3 or 
imap failed. This was from a workstation. 

Admittedly, I am not an expert with mail servers, could anybody please
- double check
- tell me where to tweak tjeners mail server settings (they are not in webmin)


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