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Re: bandwidth throttling LTSP machines.

Kurt wrote:
at the aKademy i learnt about the kiosk tools

kiosk tools allow to define, what application pupil can start or
configure. It is an textfile, a profile which a user can not

kiosk is working in KDE 3.2 so it will be in sarge.

The framework was introduced in v3 and has been heavily improved with recent releases, including a graphical tool that allows you to test the enviroment:


This has made a number of our teaching staff very happy :)

i propose an exchange of kiosk profiles between teachers, admins, schools.

Excellent idea, we only lock down the pupils and were still tweaking that, but I'll let anyone who asks have a copy of our kde profile. Is there a facility for this atm? If not it shouldnt be too difficult for me to arrange something suitable,


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