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Re: How bandwidth requirement could be reduced when using thin clients?

Hi Gavin,

Gavin McCullagh wrote:
Hi Ben,

thanks for your answers.  I'm learning slowly :-)

Snap :)

I think they are.  However, a CF Disk or other small boot media on the
client machine won't solve that.  The applications still have to come from
somewhere.  Admittedly, I would presume you can run more lessdisks type
machines off a single server than you can pure thin clients so a single
server in the school would be more useful in that instance.  However, the
machines themselves will need to be faster.

The CF disk was purely to allow a minimum installation that Owens Thousands of Desktops requires. Sorry, went off on a bit of a tangent.

As for the number of sessions running from a single server, a pure thin client setup needed one for every 20 or so clients. Nymph however could easily allow 50-60 sessions IIRC. The servers were dual Xeons with a gig of ram in each, and the TC's were any machine of a BogoMIPS of less than a thousand.

Does that mean they're not bootable in general?  (I've never used one of

CF is an offshoot of PCMCIA, so long as the machine can pick up and boot off a third IDE channel it should be ok.

So I understand.  Where I am (Dublin) saying we are less fortunate would be
an understatement. ;-)

Of course the teachers claim otherwise, but so long as the Headteacher doesnt grab the money for other projects and its spent wisely most schools in the UK could be in a very good position in regards to IT.

Is it helpful to have CF in a dual boot machine?  Of course if you have any
OS locally installed that's a (at least partial) solution to network
downtime but full local installs are great fun to maintain as I'm sure you

Full local installs of linux arnt difficult to maintain though, once everyone is satisfied with our local installation setup, it'll be maintained and updated with a combination of a NFS apps server and apt4rpm (were using suse 9.1) running as a cron job. Rsync from an ideal client was considered, but judged to be too cpu intensive.


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