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Re: Next debian-edu devcamp October 22th to 24th

[Joey Hess]
> Someone local I hope. :-)

Well, someone interested at least.  The local part is not too
important, as long as someone with a good location volunteer to host
it.  I've organized several gatherings without being close to the
final venue.  The trick is sending lots of emails, getting volunteers
to do the local part. :)

>> Should we plan one in December, or perhaps in January?  Mid/late
>> Januar would be a good, I believe.
> I agree with January, missing the holiday season is good. And I may
> be strange but I'd like to see Norway in January. At least for a few
> days.  :-)

OK.  January it is.  Available weekends are 14-16, 21-23 and 28-30.
Next step is to announce a call for votes, and try to find somewhere
to host it.   :)

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