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Re: How bandwidth requirement could be reduced when using thin clients?

> We are in need for some realistic time estimates on how much work it 
> would be to implement FreeNX in the LTSP and Lessdisk solutions. We 
> also ask about whats the most suitable solution(s)? :-) 

it is called "Lessdisks" or "lessdisks" :)

> I'll appreciate your comments on this document Jim, Jonas and others:
> http://developer.skolelinux.no/driftskonsepter/2004-09-06-thin-clients.html

i'm curious about several things in the chart.

is the "3. alt." "Lessdisk" exploring lessdisks as a "half-thick

what are the memory requirements based on?  i've mostly used lessdisks
with 32-64MB of ram.

what does the "Band width" mean? it is a range of used bandwidth, from
boot-up to average useage?  does that include loading the initrd at
boot-time?  there are some simple machanisms to reduce the size of the
initrd dramatically, which will save a lot of bandwidth during boot.

i hope to have a new upstream lessdisks release by the end of the week,
with some significant changes and improvements.

live well,

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