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proxy.pac -- Proxy Auto-Config File Format

Hi there,

virtually, everything within skolelinux should be preconfigured correctly, 
http_proxy = "http://webcache:3128"; works practically everywhere.

However there might be deviations: Our w2k clients have some stubburn IE on it 
that wouldn't learn the new proxy for all users at once. Also one might 
consider multiple proxies for balanced browsing or intermediate filters like 
dansguardian that listen on another port...

This makes me think if we shouldn't use those auto setting pac-file most 
(all?) browsers accept nowardays. I found a good explanation at:


Accordingly, you can even differentiate what / if proxy to use by time of the 
day and / or the requested host (local, extern; international, regional).

What do you think? If I get it right, some base configuration just needs a 
proxy.pac in /var/www/ like this:

function FindProxyForURL(url, host)
      if (isPlainHostName(host) ||
          dnsDomainIs(host, "tjener.intern"))
          return "DIRECT";
          return "PROXY";

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