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Re: kschoolmenu packaging

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On 02-10-2004 09:21, Andreas Tille wrote:
| On Fri, 1 Oct 2004, Gavin McCullagh wrote:
|> As I've never been it's official maintainer this isn't an orphaning
|> message
|> as such.  Just to let people know that the job needs doing and if someone
|> has the time and know-how would they please speak up.
| Could anybody please explain what kschoolmenu does what the Debian default
| menu package can do?  The deeper I dived into menu I was astonished about
| its great features and there is a solution for any problem I had.  So
| please
| consider using the Debian menu package and talk to its maintainer who is
| very responsible.

I must this weekend setup local overrides to the menues of all machines
of a school. I do not know yet if I need to hack the Debian menu on each
machine or kschoolmenu can help me provide a tool that perhaps provides
an easy tool for teachers to afterwards tweak further.

It is a must for me that not only KDE menus are changed, but the general
menuing system, so I agree that any changes needs to be done the Debian way.

I see now that the author, Morten Hustveit is an official Debian
developer, and Petter is working on the package as well - so I withdraw
packaging it officially for Debian: it seems pretty well taken care of.

Morten: I have Cc'ed you this email, in case you are not subscribed to
the debian-edu list.

~ - Jonas

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