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Re: softwares educational

Am Freitag, 1. Oktober 2004 14:05 schrieb leo.info:
> I read in the list a message with the address of the specifications,
> but still softwares does not consist educational.
> Somebody could help me?

Dear Leo (if this is your name),

Skolelinux is mainly thought to give a complete solution for schools' computer 
networks - from the server down to the work station, that is. Nevertheless, 
it is possible to install Skolelinux on a single computer, that is not 
connected to any network. The deafault installation process for this profile 
will overwrite your whole hard disc, so if your aim is to test availble 
educational software for linux, maybe a live cd like eduknoppix or freeduc 
matches your need better. 

Did you install skolelinux already? Or did you try to use it under some other 
operating system (like MS Windows or MacOS?). In this case, you missed the 
point, that skolelinux brings its own operation system with it 


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