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Re: Creating Machine Accounts for MS WinClients

On Sat, Sep 18, 2004 at 10:01:54PM +0200, Ralf Gesel|ensetter wrote:
> having several MS Windows clients at our school, I never had to add machine 
> accounts on the server. Instead I joined the domain "SKOLELINUX" from the 
> clients using the samba-root-account. My experience is limited to WinNT and 
> Win2k, however. 
> Now there have been descriptions on how to create machine accounts that tell 
> the reader to use webmin. Is this for W98 then? Or other versions? Or is it 
> rather obsolete? 

To cut the list short, the proper way is: 
- install main-server (tjener), and give a password for the root unix
  account during installation. This will also be the root webmin
  passord un less you reconfigure webmin (changing unix root account
  password also changes the webmin root account password, since it's
  the same user). Initially the password for ldap admin will be the
  same as well, but changing the ldap admin password is doable, and
  need not be the same as the unix root account. 
- Login in as root on the main-server and set the samba root acount
   smbpasswd root
  This password _should_not_ be the same as the unix root account/ldap
  admin password.
- Then add the samba workstation to the domain by login in as a local
  administrator on the windows machine (or linux if you choose), and
  join the domain, using the username root, and the password is the
  samba root account password. 

Please, and this is important: 
- if this dont work, then file a bug on http://bugs.skolelinux.no
- if some other methode works, it's a bug, and please file this also at

> This question is mainly for consistent documentation, I'd never use webmin to 
> add machine accounts.

You should not. There was talk about some sort of doing this some time
ago, but it was never implemented nor tested. 

Finn-Arne Johansen 

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