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Re: Sound on thin clients ?

On Fri, 10 Sep 2004, Ragnar Wisloff wrote:

> >| No idea. I assume this will depend on the quality on the sound. My mp3s
> >| stream at around 128 kbits/sec.
> >
> >128Kbit while streamed through NAS? Sounds very unlikely.
> How informed a comment.

In fairness, he has a point.  Chances are you need to multiply that figure
by ten.  

mp3s are compressed files that must be rendered by a software player into
raw audio (that bear a closer resemblance to WAV format which is 1MB per
minute) for the sound card.  This situation is one of the player on the
server rendering and sending that raw audio to a sound daemon/card at the
other end. 


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