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autologin for thin clients

> > > Or you can have thinclients automaticly log in using a given client.
> > > 
> > > say you have 20 thin client, and you can have 15 of them use thin01 to
> > > thin15
> > > 
> > > No passwords asked, press Alt+Ctrl+Backspace to log in.
> > 
> > Sounds interesting ... How can I do that ?
>   Beware: I have not been able to make this work with kde newer than
>   kde2.2, (nor with gdm - gnome). 

this might not be an option for woody-based systems, but sdm and
sdm-terminal are available in sarge. haven't tried porting the
sdm-terminal package to LTSP, as i use it with lessdisks.

with sdm, you could configure the thin client to use ssh keys for
autologin.  you can even configure passwordless "guest" logins to log
into a different server than logins for users with passwords.  normal
users can log into any machine with sdm installed simply by using
"username@server" as their login.

since it uses ssh to encrypt the whole session, you get secure
connections between the server and terminal, though it may require
faster hardware.

live well,

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