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Re: Status on Sarge (testing) version of Skolelinux

On Tue, Sep 07, 2004 at 12:32:47PM +0200, Knut Yrvin wrote:
> tirsdag 07 september 2004, 11:43, skrev Harald Thingelstad:
> > Problems with the install I made at the gathering:
> > * Not possible to register users in webmin-ldap.
>   Is this bug: 838?
>   http://bugs.skolelinux.no/show_bug.cgi?id=838
> In accordance to Finn-Arne this is a samba integration issue that could 
> be adjusted with turning of a parameter in Webmin? As he writes: 
>   Trying to add user, you are hit by some samba errors again, 
>   please, for now, turn of samba syncronization
>   https://tjener:10000/config.cgi?ldap-users

This is not the same as bug #838.

> > * Not possible to register machines (thinclients, etc) in
> > webmin-ldap. 

Why is this, Is webmin-ldap-netgroups missing ? I have no problem on the
machine installed with the image of 20040904 (After fixing the
slapd/webmin issue). But that one wasn't there I think during the last

>   Is there a bug-report som place (or is it just my eyes :-)?
>   Is this also samba-related or is it somthing else?

It should not be. 

> > * Thinclients couldn't download kernel via tftp. 
>   Is this bug: 767?
>   http://bugs.skolelinux.no/show_bug.cgi?id=767

No It's not, bug 767 is a problem with the wrong webmin-dhcp module or
that the webmin-dhcp module in debian doesn't support dhcp3-server out
of the box. see below. 

>   The guide from Finn-Arne tells that we have to manually 
>   install dhcp instead for dhcp3? As i read it, this is a legacy 
>   workaround ...

On my newest CD I actually have a custom made webmin module,
webmin-dhcpd3, thaty solves the issue. 

Its a workaround because of a bug registered with BTS 

I've created a patch, and has sent the patch upstream, and it works for
me. Not sure if it will be accepted. I'll try to upload the packages
with the patch to our local Sarge repository.

> > Stopping the tftpd server and restarting form command-line with debug
> > logging showed that it couldn't get accept permission from ldap
> > database. That means: Not even one.

There is a comment on how to work around this as well. I guess we need
some debconf pre-seeding. 

Feel free to update. 

> Finn-Arnes guide is good enough for now. With the guide the workarrounds 
> will be easily handled :-). Do we need to address some new bugs, or 
> should is the bug-tracking taken care of, as for the netgroup stuff? 

We need to address samba, and see if it's possible to get samba to talk
with slapd with the self-signed certificate. 

Also Someone needs to go over the application list, as the the
sarge-based task-lists were created some time ago, before the release
of Venus. Then I took what was left, and removed some problematic
packges (samba beeing one of them), and did some cleaning (kind of). I
think we need to check which packages are still left out. 

// faj

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