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Re: Status on Sarge (testing) version of Skolelinux

tirsdag 07 september 2004, 11:43, skrev Harald Thingelstad:
> Problems with the install I made at the gathering:
> * Not possible to register users in webmin-ldap.

  Is this bug: 838?

In accordance to Finn-Arne this is a samba integration issue that could 
be adjusted with turning of a parameter in Webmin? As he writes: 

  Trying to add user, you are hit by some samba errors again, 
  please, for now, turn of samba syncronization

> * Not possible to register machines (thinclients, etc) in
> webmin-ldap. 

  Is there a bug-report som place (or is it just my eyes :-)?

  Is this also samba-related or is it somthing else?

> * Thinclients couldn't download kernel via tftp. 
  Is this bug: 767?

  The guide from Finn-Arne tells that we have to manually 
  install dhcp instead for dhcp3? As i read it, this is a legacy 
  workaround ...

> Stopping the tftpd server and restarting form command-line with debug
> logging showed that it couldn't get accept permission from ldap
> database. That means: Not even one.

Finn-Arnes guide is good enough for now. With the guide the workarrounds 
will be easily handled :-). Do we need to address some new bugs, or 
should is the bug-tracking taken care of, as for the netgroup stuff? 

- Knut

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