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Re: Local Multi user and Skolelinux ?

* Bernard Hugueney (bernard.hugueney@lip6.fr) [040904 10:55]:
> Thank you for your fast reply !
> The best scenario (for users :-) ) would be to have multiuser kernels 
> (and X?) in standard Skolelinux :-)

i dont quite agree. the fact that console support is still not
there and that each combination of graphics cards and
motherboards will need new experimentation (and might not even
work at all) makes it a suboptimal choice. still many features in
the kernel are not supported (basicly everything that required
switching to a console, e.g. software suspend). we try to ship
standard components to spare our users the time to figure out

you would need to replace the thinclient`s kernel and X and play
around with the Xconfiguration. 

For me it takes about a day to get a multi-user workstation up
and running as i want it. 

it is a nice geeky thing to do. (hopefully your students wont
start replugging mice and keyboards...)

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