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Re: Local Multi user and Skolelinux ?

Thank you for your fast reply !

Le vendredi 03 Septembre 2004 21:30, Andreas Schuldei a écrit :
> incidently i am running a multiuser workstation and am also
> responsible for pushing the pci device seperation support into
> debian`s X.
> often thin clients are supposed to be maintainance no-brainers.
> multiuser machines are very non-standard and require special
> kernels and (possibly) X, so you would need to hack a bit on your

Indeed, I figured as much :-(

> own. technically i can think of nothing that would make this
> impossible.

The best scenario (for users :-) ) would be to have multiuser kernels 
(and X?) in standard Skolelinux :-)

> why do you want to do this?

Well, it seems to me that multiuser thin clients would be very useful 
in the classrooms, not only for cost reduction, but to save space 
(that would be the reason for our classroom anyway). 



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