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Re: Packages we should push into Debian

[Joey Hess]
> I'm worried that it may already be too late to get new packages into
> Debian.

So am I.  Which is why I want the uploads to happen as soon as
possible.  The chances are slim with an upload right now, but it is
_zero_ with no upload.

> The last release update has August 17th as the last day for
> low-urgency uploads, and a freeze 10 days later on the 28th. That
> leaves 4 days to get packages uploaded and out of the NEW queue,
> probably too little without a very helpful ftp-master giving these
> priority. The packages would also have to be nearly perfect on their
> first upload.

Yes.  I don't think it is a good idea to pull strings to get the
packages included out of order.  It will give us bad reputation if
there is a problem with the package.

I fear we will need to keep a collection of modified packages for this
release too. :(

>>   locale-config-skolelinux              ilmari         L       S
>>     Configures global language settings.  Being integrated into
>>     d-i/base-config by Konstantinos Margaritis.  License is GPL.
> I think this is the most important one. What is the status,
> Konstantinos?

I agree.  I hope Konstantions manage to get it uploaded in time.

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