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Packages we should push into Debian

The release of Sarge is getting closer, and I'm looking at
<URL:http://developer.skolelinux.no/info/cdbygging/sl-packages.txt> to
check which packages we need to get into debian.  There is still quite
a lot of packages in need of an upload.  Some of them have an
prospective maintainer assigned.  Please get these packages uploaded
into the archive as soon as possible.

  locale-config-skolelinux              ilmari         L       S

    Configures global language settings.  Being integrated into
    d-i/base-config by Konstantinos Margaritis.  License is GPL.

  debian-edu-doc                        mariwan        L       ?

    Collection of docuemtation relevant for Debian Edu.  License is
    mixed/unknown. [pere 2004-04-24]

  webmin-ldap-netgroups                 snoopey        L       C

    Webmin module to administrate host netgroups in LDAP.
    License is GPL.
    Alex can maintain it in Debian.

  webmin-cupsadmin-skolelinux           runesk         L       C

    CUPS admin module to webmin. Much the same as CUPS web
    interface. Gives admins one place to find all configuration.
    Need testing to check if it work.  Rune can be maintainer in

  kschoolmenu                           finnarne       L       S

    Tool to modify the KDE menu, and supply different KDE menus to
    groups of users.  License is GPL.
    Should be renamed and uploaded into Debian.  Finn Arne can
    maintain it.  We should ask Tim if he want to co-maintain it.

  kwebmin                               mortehu        L       W

    Make webmin available in the KDE control panel.  Does not work at
    the moment.  We should keep it, but need to find a maintainer.

  ncs                                   ragnar         L       S

    Nagios configuration package that sets up a minimal monitoring
    solution of main server and gateway. Also inclused script and
    framework for expanding the monitoring to the entire Skolelinux 

  ltsp-core-i386                        ragnar         X       M
  ltsp-doc                              ragnar         X       M
  ltsp-kernel-2.4.19-i386               ragnar         X       M
  ltsp-kernel-pxe-2.4.19-i386           runesk         X       M
  ltsp-local-apps-i386                  ragnar         X       M
  ltsp-x-core-i386                      ragnar         X       M
  ltsp-x-fonts-i386                     ragnar         X       M
  ltsp-x-xserver-3dlabs-3.3.6-i386      ragnar         X       M
  ltsp-x-xserver-8514-3.3.6-i386        ragnar         X       M
  ltsp-x-xserver-agx-3.3.6-i386         ragnar         X       M
  ltsp-x-xserver-fbdev-3.3.6-i386       ragnar         X       M
  ltsp-x-xserver-i128-3.3.6-i386        ragnar         X       M
  ltsp-x-xserver-mach32-3.3.6-i386      ragnar         X       M
  ltsp-x-xserver-mach64-3.3.6-i386      ragnar         X       M
  ltsp-x-xserver-mach8-3.3.6-i386       ragnar         X       M
  ltsp-x-xserver-mono-3.3.6-i386        ragnar         X       M
  ltsp-x-xserver-p9000-3.3.6-i386       ragnar         X       M
  ltsp-x-xserver-s3-3.3.6-i386          ragnar         X       M
  ltsp-x-xserver-s3v-3.3.6-i386         ragnar         X       M
  ltsp-x-xserver-svga-3.3.6-i386        ragnar         X       M
  ltsp-x-xserver-vga16-3.3.6-i386       ragnar         X       M
  ltsp-x-xserver-w32-3.3.6-i386         ragnar         X       M

    Linux Terminal Server Project packages from LTSP/Georg Baum.  This
    should be pushed into Debian.  There is already a Debian RFP
    submitted, <URL:http://bugs.debian.org/163000>.  License is GPL.

  ltsp-floppyd                          hilaire        ?       ?
  ltsp-usb                              hilaire        ?       ?

    Some extra packages to LTSP for local device support.  License is
    unknown. [pere 2004-04-24]

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