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Re: AND - auto nice deamon

[Ralf Gesel|ensetter]
> have there been any considerations about activating AND besides scripts like 
> nightkill and logoutkill by default?

Nope, not as far as I know.  Sounds like a nice package to include.
It doesn't solve the problem solved by nightkill and logoutkill
(leftover processes), but it does make sure long-running processes are
properly niced. :)

I installed it on developer.skolelinux.no, so we can gain some
experience with it.  I suggest you submit a wishlist bug against the
debian-edu package proposing to add it to the education-server or
another more appropriate package.

Looking at the version in woody, I see a potential improvement.  The
init.d script could fetch values from /etc/default/and.  This should
make it possible to modify the command line argument for and without
having to edit the init.d script.

It would also be nice if the package used multilevel configuration,
fetching the default from a file in /usr/share/, and overrides from a
file in /etc/.

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